Why Solar PV?

Environmentally benign and safe. Solar PV power systems produce no air or water emissions or greenhouse gases and produce no noise. Zero fuel use. Sunlight is converted to electricity and there is no external fuel consumption. Reliability. With no fuel supply required and no moving parts, solar power systems are among the most reliable electric power generators, capable of powering the most sensitive applications, such as satellites. Solar panels typically carry warranties of 20 years or more and are expected to have useful lives of 30 years. Predictability. The amount of solar resource (sunlight) is fairly predictable for

most countries during the course of the year. Ease of installation. Solar panels can be installed anywhere as they long as they face in the optimal direction, whilst preparation and infrastructure are minimal, compared to most other energy technologies. Low Maintenance. Because there are no moving parts, there are virtually no maintenance requirements for a solar panel system. Scaleable and modular. From providing milliwatts to power a calculator to acres of panels providing megawatts for grid connected supply on a commercial building roof or field, solar power products can be deployed in many sizes and configurations and can be installed quickly and almost anywhere in the world. Multi MW ground mounted solar farms can be built in a matter of months. Generation close to use. As a distributed generation option, transmission and distribution costs are greatly reduced. By the end of 2012, the global installed capacity of PV reached 102 GW (or 102,000 MW), compared to 1.4 GW in 2000. The price of solar panels has dropped from $77 per watt in 1977 to around $0.75 in 2013. Yet there is still a great deal of innovation and technology development currently in progress which is likely to reduce costs even further. Solar PV is set to become a universal source of clean energy sooner than most people

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